Prospero’s Children Series

Welcome to the world of the Family Prospero! 

Mephistopheles Prospero

 The Prospero's Children Series: Describe by its first readers as: "Neil Gaiman meets C. S. Lewis or, for an American equivalent, Roger Zelazny meets Lloyd Alexander."

Prospero Lost:

Miranda's ordered life as a present day CEO for the multinational Prospero, Inc. is when her father disappears, leaving instructions for her to locate her missing brothers and sisters and warn them that someone is after their magical staffs.

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Prospero In Hell:

Having gathered her wayward family, Miranda must get them to work together if her father the dread magician Prospero, is ever to be rescued from where he is imprisoned in Hell.



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Prospero Regained:

After accidentally scattering her brothers and sister across the Nine Circles of Hell, Miranda must face the perils of the Inferno if she hopes to rescue her family and, ultimately, her father.



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Glimpse Family Prospero Secrets

Time Life – a chronological list of events in Miranda's life.

The Family Prospero – a list of Miranda's relatives and other major characters

Source Material – where he ideas in Prospero's Daughter come from.

Poetry – notes on poetry that appears in the series, as well as the alternate (real) versions

The Staffs – Warning Spoilers!!! Best read after Book Two, Prospero In Hell.


 For a complete bibliography, see Works.


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