Cast of Characters for the Books of Unexpected Enlightenment

The Griffin Family:

Rachel Griffin – youngest member of the Griffin family

Laurel Griffin – middle sister (Sophomore in the college)

Peter Griffin, a.k.a. Lord Falconridge – son and heir to the dukedom (Senior at the Upper School.)

Sandra Griffin – eldest sister (graduated. Works for the Wisecraft in London)

Ellen Griffin – Mother, also has a perfect memory.

Ambrose Griffin, Duke of Devon, a.k.a. Agent Griffin –father, an Agent of the Wisecraft.)

General Blaise Griffin – the former duke, Rachel’s grandfather, who died when she was nine.

Amelia Abney-Hastings Griffin – his wife, who died when Rachel was six.


Non-Human Characters:

The Raven – said to be the Doom of Worlds

The Lion – familiar of Kitten Fabian

Lucky the Dragon – Sigfried Smith’s familiar and best friend

Beauregard the Tasmania Tiger – the princess’s familiar

Mistletoe – Rachel’s erstwhile familiar

Aardvark the Tiger-Spotted Quoll – Zoë’s familiar

Payback – Valerie Foxx’s Norwegian Elk Hound



Friends at School: (These students live in Dare Hall unless otherwise noted.)

Sigfried Smith the Dragonslayer– super rich orphan boy who grew up in the mundane world

Princess Nastasia Romanov – princess of Magical Australia

Valerie Foxx, Fearless Reporter Girl – freshman from Maine, grew up Unwary (Dee Hall)

Salome Iscariot – Valerie’s best friend, grew up in the World of the Wise  (Drake Hall )

Joy O’Keefe – Seventh Daughter of a Seventh Daughter 

Zoë Forrest – well-traveled young woman with a New Zealand accent who can walk in dreams.


Jane “Kitten” Fabian – English girl with a tiny Lion for a familiar.

Astrid Hollywell – shy girl who is an excellent scholar.

Brunhilda Winters – blond cheerleader from California, athletic and smart.

Sakura Suzuki – Japanese student.

Seth Peregrine – base playing friend of Zoë and Siggy.

Enoch Smithwyck – Siggy’s roommate, Japanese accent.

Wulfgang Starkadder – a prince of Transylvania


Other students:

Gaius Valiant – cute yet mysterious older boy, senior at the Upper School (Drake Hall)

Vladimir Von Dread, Prince of Bavaria – head of the Knights of Walpurgis. (Drake Hall)

William Locke – son of one of the two founders of Ouroborus Industries. (Drake Hall)

Naomi Coils –Junior in college, Secretary of the Knights of Walpurgis, (Dee Hall)

Jenny Dare – College sophomore in the Knights of Walpurgis (Marlowe Hall)

Topher Evans – Upper School sophomore in the Knights of Walpurgis (Dee Hall)

Wanda Zykov – Upper School freshman in the Knights of Walpurgis  (Dee Hall)

Cydney Graves – (Drake Hall)

Belladonna Marley – (Drake Hall)

Charybdis Nott  – (Drake Hall)

Zenobia Jones – (Drake Hall)

Arcturus Steele – (Drake Hall)

Ameka Okeke – daughter of a chieftain, soccer champion.

Misty Lark – friend of Zoë and Seth (Marlowe Hall)

Magdalene Chase – little girl from (Drake Hall)

Michael Cameron – Knights of Walpurgis member (Marlowe Hall)

Jarius Knight – (Dee Hall)

Mortimer Egg Jr. (Dee Hall)

Juma O’Malley – boy with a tiny elephant for a familiar (Dee Hall)

Ivan Romanov – college junior, the princess’s eldest brother. (Dare Hall)

Alex Romanov – a senior in the Upper School (Dare Hall)

Alexis Romanov – his twin sister (Dee Hall)

Arjuna Pandava

Romulus Starkadder–

Remus Starkadder

Fenris Starkadder

Carl Iscariot

Rory Wednesday

Eunice Chase

Xandra Black

Faith O’Keefe

Jonah Strega

Yolanda Debussy

Urd Oninson

Randolph Graves



The Six Musketeers and their Families:

James Darling, Agent – the head of the effort to stop the Terrible Five, now an Agent for the Wisecraft

Ellyllon MacDannan Darling – the Conjurer of the Six Musketeers, Sister of Finn, and the wife of James Darling.

John Darling – their oldest son, captain of the Track and Broom team.

Wendy Darling – his sister, a freshman

Michael Darling – their younger brother, not yet at Roanoke.


Wendy MacDannan – the youngest of the Six Musketeers, was driven crazy by magic


Finn MacDannan, a.k.a Red Rider – Rock star with the band BOGUS, also works for the Parliament of the Wise. Said to be the world’s best Enchanter.

Scarlett Mallory MacDannan – only person ever to get Seven Rings of Mastery from Roanoke Academy—currently an Agent of the Wisecraft

Oonagh MacDannan – A senior at the Upper School who plays a tuba.

Liam MacDannan – A junior at the Upper School

Conan MacDannan – A sophomore at the Upper School, part of the Vampire Hunting Club

Ian MacDannan – Siggy’s roommate and one of the MacDannan Clan.

Taliesin MacDannan – youngest member of the MacDannan family. Not yet at Roanoke.


Crispin Fisher – the final member of the Six Musketeers, their Alchemist and a tutor at Roanoke.

Marta Fisher – his daughter, a freshman at college.


Vampire Hunting Club:–all in Dare Hall

Abraham Van Helsing

Conan MacDannan

Alex Romanov – the princess’s brother

Max Weatherby

Sarah Weatherby



Staff at Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts:

Dean Jacinda Moth

Mr. Hieronymus Tuck – Language

Mr. Crispin Fisher – Alchemy (see above)

Mr. Archimedes Gideon – True History

Mrs. Beatrix Heelis – Art

Mrs. Miss Himeropa Cyrene – Music

Dr. Melusine Mordeau – ex Math Teacher

Nighthawk –the Warding expert.

Horatio Jareth Poole – Librarian

Mr. Roland Chanson – P.E. teacher

Dr. Dolittle – head of the Menagerie

Nurse Moth – school nurse

Ulysses Burke – Gardener

Captain Zephyr “Zephey”—Captain of the Ferry called the Pollepel II

Umberto Sarpento “Sarpy” – custodian




Maverick Badger – head of security at Roanoke

Carlos Fuentes

Matt Scott

Coal Moth

Harvey Sanders

Roderick Stone




James Darling, Agent – Canticler, familiar: tortoiseshell cat named Pyewacket

Agent Scarlet MacDannan – all Seven Arts, familiar: rat named: Thorin Oakenshield

Agent Dorian Standish – Canticler, familiar: cheetah named Mwendo

Agent Melody Briars – Alchemist, familiar: oriole

Agent Miles Caldor – Warde, familiar: sheepdog

Agent Lily Follower – Conjurer, familiar: cat

Mortimer Egg – secretly member of Veltdammerung


Wisecraft—London Office

Agent Ambrose Griffin – Enchanter/Canticler, familiar: black and white cat named Moonracer

Sandra Griffin – Conjurer, Warder, Enchanter, Canticler, Alchemist, familiar, cat: Starpaw  

Agent Templeton Bridges – Scholar/Canticler, familiar: cat

Agent Michael Garbarino – Enchanter, familiar: seal

Agent Vicky Armel – Warder, familiar: magpie



The Terrible Five:

Simon Magus

Baba Yaga

Koschai The Deathless

Morgana Le Fey

Aleister Crowley




Andre Romanov the Third, King of Magical Australia

Jasper Hawke – mysterious sorcerer who died over a hundred years ago.

Darius “Daring” Northwest – an Adventurer Librarian

Thaddeus “Taddy” Orwell – grandson of the Griffin’s cook, too young for Roanoke.

Ben Bridges – Rachel’s friend, too young for Roanoke, son of Agent Templeton Bridges.

Ferdinand Meadows, Rachel’s cousin