“I want ‘Yes’!”

The Cherubim has a book that he can use to communicate. It was made by his god father’s mom and sister as part of a college project. It has a card that says: "I want" and pictures of stuff. He likes to get the pictures out when he wants something and then, he’ll say what the pictures indicate.
Well, he wanted something and wouldn’t say, so I got the book. He carefully paged through all the pages. On the last page, he smiled and picked "Pink." Then, he repeated out loud: "I want Pink."

I realized he wanted a pink Gogurt, so I went and got one.

Then, he came back and asked for chips. I said no because he had already had some. He looked through the book. He found "Yes". He put it on the card and announced: "I want ‘Yes’!"

We thought this was so funny, we gave him more potato chips.

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