A Perfect One For School

During Juss’s first few weeks in Kindergarten, I asked him about the names of other children in his class. He told me:

"One of the kids name is Underdog’s Secret Identity."

I said: "Shoeshine?"

Juss: "Yes."

Today, I went to Back To School Night. When I saw the list of kids names, I burst out laughing. Sure enough, one child was named Shushank.

When I came home, I went upstairs to give Juss a goodnight hug. He told me: "I bet [The Cherubim] is a perfect one for school. Since he doesn’t talk."

This puzzled me. But then it hit me what Juss’s class experience might be like. I asked hesitantly: "You mean because he doesn’t talk too much."

Juss nodded. "He doesn’t talk so he can listen and learn."