Modern games

I am so amused to hear my children play, because everything occurs in levels. They are standing in the living room, swinging boxes and hobby horses, pretending to have magic powers, and shouting at each other things like:

"Okay, now we’re on Level Three."

"No, you can’t use invisibility until you get to Level Seven!"


It’s hilarious…and yet it makes so much sense. That’s how the games they see and know about work.

On an only slightly related subject, last night I drempt that my dad, who passed away years ago, had just died, and that Juss could see him and talk to him. In the dream, Juss reported confidently that Dad had said something like:  "Don’t worry about me. If you are afraid I might be lonely, you can express your support by clapping the toilet seat."

That kind of humor — taking the clapping for fairies but making it a toilet seat — was so much like my dad’s humor, and so unlike what I would normally think, that it really amused me.

The fact that we have a broken toilet seat and that I just bought the new one but hadn’t put it on, and that my dad was a stickler for keeping things neat and repaired makes the whole thing doubly funny.