Pie Madness

Yesterday, I undertook making the yearly pies while on the phone to my mortgage company. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake, as I wasn’t thinking quite as clearly as if I hadn’t been doing something else at the same time. (But I had been on hold an hour to talk with them. I wasn’t about to give up!) 

Partway through, I realized that I had enough pumpkin thawed for 4 pies, but had put in enough butter/sugar/cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg/ for 8 pies. Luckily, I had a second container of steamed pumpkin in the freezer — not as tasty as our main pumpkin — the one that t had sat on our doorstep througout Nov. turned out to be the sweetest pumkin I’ve ever tasted — but still good. So, I was able to double the pumpkin, too.

That was when I realized I needed 40 eggs: 32 yokes, 40 whites.

So, I have made half the pies…came to five. Today, now that John kindly bought me more eggs, I’ll make the other half. I only have eight  pie shells. So some of it may need to sit for a bit till I get more.  (Ordinarily, I’d make some of my own…but the kitchen is still packed up due to the Great Bug Wars. It is amazing that I’m cooking anything in the small space I have to work with.)

Orville made brownies yesterday, did all the work himself. He wanted to do chocolate chip cookies, but it called for butter and I’d used it all in the pies. Juss made peanut butter cookies…both from mixes. My brave idea of doing things from scratch failed do to the aforementioned G.B.W.s.  Today Orville can do his cookies and the Cherubim can have a shot. I wonder what he will chose to make. I have a whole pile of mixes to chose from.

At least we will have baked goodies to give out!