Margie Lawson’s Empowering Character’s Emotions Class

I talked a friend into taking Margie Lawson’s online writing class on Empowering Character’s Emotions. 

Then, I thought, heck, why don’t I take it, too!

So, I’m taking it again. Figure I can’t learn too much about this subject.

Anyone else interested? Come join us? (Deadline to sign up is tomorrow, Saturday February 27th.)

Margie Lawson is a trained psychotherapist who is also a writer. She brings to writing her knowledge of how people use body language to express what they are thinking. This makes her insights in this area very interesting. Also, her analysis of certain parts of writing are fascinating. (True, she’s a bit too much in the sleek thriller camp (the Heming Ways ;-) for my taste, but so much of what she says is useful, that I forgive her for striking an adverb occasionally.)

AMMENDED TO ADD: It’s only $30, which is pretty good for an online writing class. The last one I took with her was more.