Scout Camping Trip A Success!

Orville returned from his first overnight camping trip with the Boy Scouts. He was gone Friday and Saturday and it was a great successs. Not as much rain as feared.

I suffered a mother’s quandry in regard to this trip. My boys sleep with "friends" on their bed, favorite stuffed animals. When packing, I kept wrestling with whether to suggest to Orville that he pick out a friend to take with him. I thought it might be a comfort if he were frightened away from home. Only…he was not showing any sign of being frighten about being away from home. I kept thinking: what if the presense of the "friend" makes him feel babyish when he otherwise would not? 

So, I did not suggest it. He expressed no fear and came home very cheerful. He even brought back a cool gadget that has a crank that powers either a light or a siren.

He had received this as a prize for being the most helpful of the new scouts.