Remember Antietam: No Call For Armed Rebellion


Occasionally, I hear friends calling for armed rebellion because they dislike some government policy.


This is a very bad idea.


Saturday, we went and walked the Antietam Battlefield, which had places with names like the Bloody Cornfield and the Bloody Line Road.


23,000 Americans died there in one day—the worst day of casualties for America in all of history.


Do you know what they accomplished, with all those deaths?




At the end of the day, things were basically as they had been.



What makes people thing that if they cannot get enough of their fellow countrymen together to VOTE out some bad law, that they could get enough of them together to do so on a battlefield.


Especially, if you consider that anyone who attacked the government would be like the Southerners…you might have good generals, but it would be rifles and hand guns against tanks and howitzers.


The only thing you accomplish when you even bring the topic of rebellion up is that you might scare someone. And what do scared people do? They call for more government.


There are some things that should never be brought up. A husband and wife should never bring up divorce as an option when trying to solve problems…just don’t open that door. A citizenship should never bring up civil war when trying to solve problems.


If you want to change things, go back in history and look at the guys who did successfully change things and do what they did. If you don’t have the time and energy to do that, you really, really don’t have the time and energy to watch your friends and family get slaughtered and your whole way of life end.