Mab’s Handy Guide to Surviving the Supernatural

Mab no outline

Mab here, Prospero Inc. company gumshoe.

As part of my campaign to protect you woefully-uninformed humans from your own folly—in hopes of saving even one of you from an elf-induced death, or worse—here is some of my gathered wisdom concerning the supernatural world.

Read. Pay attention. And maybe you’ll live.

For those of you who are just coming in, we’ve started with Tsukumogami, Japanese household objects that wake up after their 100th birthday and become animate.


Name:  Boroboro-ton

Description:   A old bed sheet or comforter that presses down upon sleepers and suffocates them.

Where To Find It: Linen closets and laundry hampers.

Frequency: More common than we might like.

Danger Level:  Very high

Mab’s Eye View:  Seriously, Folks, these guys are bad news. No one wants to suffocate to death. I recommend you keep a sharp knife next to your pillow.

Keep your security blanket from when you were a kid, if you must. But, for gosh sakes, don’t keep your great-grandmother’s baby blanket! Not if you want to keep your baby!

And stay away from laundry, just in case. Better to wear dirty clothes than to risk the wrath of a boroboro-ton.