The Wonderful Reviews of AWAKE IN THE NIGHTLAND by John C. Wright

5.0 out of 5 stars One story by itself is worth the price April 11, 2014
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"The Last of All Suns" may be the best SF novella I have ever read. I am not kidding.

Four independent stories, but each story subtly builds on what has come before.

They grip you. I spent the weekend thinking about them. I dreamed about them at night.

I don't usually give books five stars even if they are very, very good. But sometimes I have to make exceptions.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the genuinely creative geniuses of our time. Writing with a soul., April 16, 2014




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This review is from: Awake in the Night Land (Kindle Edition)
Doomed humanity lives out its numbered days in a beleaguered fortress on a dying planet, post-sun, while more-than-Lovecraftian horrors manifest in the outer darkness, encroaching over the centuries, gloating over their inevitable victory.

I will leave it to the reader, and read this you should, to discover if and how there can be any hope-beyond-hope to be snatched from the silently screaming, many-jawed face of inexorable despair.

This is not just sci-fi or sci-fi horror. It has a soul.

It transcends its genre to become timeless.

For once I can think of no criticisms, constructive or otherwise. This time I was spellbound at the mercy of the story teller, along for the ride. For me, it was a journey well worth making. I advise you to make the trip as well, but take care, lest you lose the master-word, and your humanity with it.