All About That Spook. Bout That Spook. No Terror! — Guest Post at Magical Words

The Superversive Blog will return next week with a Guest Post.

This week, we have a writing article over at Magical Words. 

Here is the opening:


My youngest son has a longstanding problem with nightmares. So he has learned to avoid things that might spark them. He will not walk through a modern bookstore, unless either he’s mapped out a safe route to the kids section that passes through language tutorials and books on auto repair, or I am there to cover his eyes. He knows I am also not a huge fan of horror and gore, and nowadays, many Halloween displays are quite horrific.

So it has been quite a challenge to make it clear to him why I love Halloween so much. I tried to explain:

Me: “I love the parts of Halloween that are creepy and spooky, but not scary or horrific. There are a lot of movies like that.”

Son: “Like what?”

Me, thinking: “Well, Arsenic and Old Lace.”

Son: “What’s that about?”

Inexplicably, I totally failed to convey the humor of old women poisoning lonely men. You should have seen his face.

Maybe I should have started with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


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