Superversive Press presents: Starquest!

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About a year ago, on a car trip, my sons started talking about what they would have done for Star Wars episode 7, 8, and 9. They had some good ideas! I wrote them up into an outline, and John took the first third of the outline and turned it into his now famous post:

"Review of the Movie We've All Been Waiting For"

Starquest is that story–expanded–and put into a new background with space pirates, alien races galore and yet, you guessed it, space princesses. The first series will be written by John, but Superversive Press hopes to be able to publish Starquest books by other authors as well and a few are already interested.

You can see the Indigogo campaign here–click on each perk to see what it includes.

Here is the excerpt of Episode One (the first book):

STARQUEST is a space opera extravaganza to be published by Superversive Press.  The first series will be by author John. C. Wright. If all goes as planned, other authors shall join him soon.

The working title for the first episode is THE PHANTOM PRIVATEER VERSUS SPACE PIRATES OF ANDROMEDA. That title should tell you what we have in mind.

In PHANTOM PRIVATEER, Lancelot Lone of Star Patrol must infiltrate and destroy the Space Pirates of Andromeda, before their chief, Captain Ahab of Nastrond, obliterates the peaceful planets of the Miaplacidus star system, using an ultimate terror weapon known as the Blood Moon.

Lone is captured, tortured, and is left for dead, but escapes due to a miracle, or, rather, due to an ancient legend come to life again. Star Maiden Lirazel — one of the disciples of mysteriously missing Jaywind Starquest, the last Templar of the Galaxy — uses her mysterious power to save him.

Lance, now thought dead, dons the Infinity Mask, an ancient artifact of a long dead race, and assumes the disguise of his remote ancestor, the first pirate hunter, a nameless figure known only as the Phantom Privateer, to renew his remorseless war against Ahab and his bloodthirsty space buccaneers!

Meanwhile, Lirazel, outcast student of the Arcadian Order of psychics of hidden planet Mira, defies her superiors and seeks through the stars for clues to the horror that obliterated her homeworld. Believed by no one, Lyra is alone, save for an unseen spymaster called Shadow Fox. Is her quest the same as his? The pair form an unlikely alliance.

The sinister forces behind the pirates Lance hunts, funding them and supplying them with black tech, are already weaving other webs to snare our gallant heroes  – in Andromeda, things are rarely what they seem — but thrilling future sequels will tell those tales.