VBS Victorious!


Once again, we have survived VBS Week! 

Every summer, my friend Jodi Beatty and I put on a small VBS at one of our local branch churches. This year was, I think, our best year yet. We studied the Lord’s Prayer, discussing a different Bible story for each line, complete with related crafts, snacks, and songs.

We also performed Jonah and the Clown Fish for the parents at the end. (Orville played Jonah again. Juss played an angel and a pirate this time. Ro was still the Clown Fish. The other parts will filled by other children, all delightful!)– we studied Jonah for  "Thy will be done in earth as in Heaven."

The kids were a bit older this year, which meant that they listened better, making the teaching part a great joy. It was the first year I was glancing at my watch because we were out of time instead of glancing at it with a "Oh, God, not another 10 minutes to fill!" attitude. It was exhausting…but worth it!

A lovely time was had by all.

*Note–the orange blanket in the picture is the inside of the Clown Fish


10 thoughts on “VBS Victorious!

  1. Several years ago, I taught creative writing courses for homeschooled kids…. I know the “Oh, God, not another 10 minutes” feeling all too well. It’s nice when you find yourself running out of time :)

  2. I began teaching when our children started VBS (they started at three years of age back then). When our children outgrew VBS, they became volunteers. I can remember the first time our son helped teach–he came home exhausted and needed a nap! It’s not an easy task to corral the attention (or bodies) of 20 or so pre-schoolers!

    What wonderful memories the children have of those days. It’s a grand gift to be able to give one’s children.

  3. What fun!


    I just want to 2nd everything Jagi said. Happy / easier / exhausting / … The play was so funny too. :)

    I am grateful to say I think that Jagi & I make a great team – complimenting each other – she teaches what I don’t want to / I teach other things / I do the songs & crafts… very complimentary


    Glad she approached me with this idea years ago – it’s been a huge blessing & a huge huge learning opportunity for me too.

    My dining room is FILLED with crafts. My husband said, “all this for 7 kids???” I said, “well, it was more than 7….”

    • Re: What fun!


      We had 11 today all day and 14 at one point. ;-)

      Very grateful, by the way, that the crafts are in your living room for a change. (though I hope you have a better place to store them, otherwise, I’ll take the bin back. ;-)

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