Last year, about this time, my son, Tornado 1, first heard about Spore. Spore, for those of you who do not know it, is a computer game where you start as an amoeba and evolve until you become a space faring race.

For one year, Tornado 1 has talked Spore, breathed Spore, planned roleplaying games based on Spore, and read books about Spore–including about it’s extremely interesting system for making your own adventures–but what he has never done is played Spore.

Until tonight.

For his eleventh birthday, we bought him Spore. This was a surprise. He thought we had decided not to get it for a year.

He was sooooooo pleased (as was Tornado 2. The Cherubim, however, could care less. )

He has already completed his first stage of evolution: from cell to creature.


8 thoughts on “Spore!!!!!!

    • Thanks! He had a happy day…though it started with Ro unwrapping all his presents (except Spore, which was hidden away.)

      The cute thing was we found out because Ro came up with Ro’s present (Dr. Seuss’s Oh Say Can You Say) for me to read to him…which means we successfully picked a good present for Ro. (I make the boys give their brothers presents on their own birthday. It gives them a moment of thinking about someone else as the birthday draws near. They also get presents from their brothers, so they can do an exchange.)

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