Please Pray For Miss B!

Something has happened that is so upsetting, I can hardly write about it without crying.

As a mom with several kids in special ed programs–and with many friends with similar issues, I’ve seen and heard about a lot of teachers. Some teachers are not so good with autistic kids. Some are alright.  Only a few are really good.

Possibly the best teacher I’ve ever seen is Jennah Billeter, who was Ro’s kindergarten and first grade teacher. Miss B showed such love and concern for her students, such care and patience! Nothing phased her.  I watched her have her hair pulled over and over again and never lose her cool. Instead, she gently led the child responsible to overcome that behavior. What she got those children to be able to do was downright amazing.

Last spring, Miss B did something that one of her teacher aid’s thought was cruel to her students. Instead of confronting her or talking to the school principal, this teacher aid reported Miss B to Child Protection Services. The result was: last week, Miss B was arrested!

Miss B now faces both misdemeanor  and felony charges. I cannot imagine what a nightmare this must seem like to her. For any of you who pray, please pray that God will be with her during this trial and will support her, no matter what happens.

Thank you.