Wright’s Writing Corner: Publishing…Huh…What Is It Good For?

Today’s post is at Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s new Literary Handiman blog.

Here is the beginning:

As children, so many of us dream of becoming authors, of penning some great novel and wowing the world with the vision that flows from our typing fingers. For some of us, this dream comes true…well, at least parts of it come true. Our book actually makes it through the obstacle course of life to the shelves of your local bookstore.

There is a magic to published authors. Like singers or ball players, people have their own idea of what an author’s life might be like. A friend whose wife is an award winning author once told of hearing his teenage daughter’s girlfriend exclaim, “Your mother’s a writer? I didn’t know you were rich!” Once someone is published, we have expectations as to what they must be like.

One of those expectations is that anyone who has entered the publishing wonder world can answer the age old question—the question that is asked again and again, in countless forms—which is better: Big house? Or small press?

Can we?

Well…we can definitely give it a shot.

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