Small Miracles

Today, I was at Juss's school, and I happened to walk by a sign for the musical our family wanted to see tonight —High School Musical JR. put on by a local Christian private school. To my dismay, I saw that the price of the tickets was $12.

Using the magic of math, I deduced that seeing this musical would cost us $72.00.

This made me very sad because A) our family loves to go watch musicals and B) I did not have $72 in my bank acount.

So, I asked humbly: God, if we should go see this musical tonight, could you send the money for it?

Then, I felt sad, because I was expecting a check for $75, but I needed it for other things. But I dutifully promised I would use it to see the musical, if it happened to be in the mail when I got home.

Anyway, I went on and went the award ceremony. Juss got an award for improvement.  I gave him a big hug and took a picture. Then, I went home and checked the mail. The check for $75 was not there.

But there was a completely different–completely unexpected–check for $88.


Thanks, God!