Signal Boosting: Theresa Briscoe

Posting a clip from a fellow writer, Theresa Briscoe.


Here's something she's working on:


Excerpt from Vessels:

Ari bolts straight up in bed, gasping for air. His muscular chest, naked and soaked with sweat, confines his pounding heart. Piercing screams echo inside his mind. Darkness escapes from within, consuming the shadows. The nightmare is the same horror from his childhood. He wonders if he will ever find peace.

Something is wrong. Another presence looms near.

Lightning slashes silver through the starless night as the storm’s minions attack the glass. He grasps the quilt his mother made him long ago and pulls it to his chin. Secluded in the shadow of a granite cliff, with lodge-pole pines as the only sentries for the night, Colorado storms are daunting.

Memory whispers of this evening's Harvest moon, now shrouded in darkness. He tries to find comfort in this thought. Crisp air and golden aspens symbolize his time for change. Tomorrow, he will be moving on.

Ari wonders why he is naked, searching the corners of his mind for a glimmer. There was a woman. Relieved, he reaches for her. Sadness stings his heart as he realizes she is gone.

He wonders why they never stay. They admire his golden hair, brilliant blue eyes, and ability to make them laugh. The sex is pleasing, and he caresses their soft bodies afterward. Their pillow talk carries them off to sleep. Yet he always wakes alone.

Holly was different. Her name brings a smile to his lips. Ari met her six months ago. Her chestnut hair and eyes of jade transfixed him immediately. She possessed a gentle magnetic strength. Their daily conversations grew from casual to comfortable. They shared secrets.


Thunder hammers lightning bolts into his heart. Instead of counting measures between breaths, he finds himself counting seconds between flashes and concussions. The storm is moving closer.

It is coming.


And here is a link to Midnight Abyss, a book containing her work among others: