Why I am a Christian Scientist

Originally, this was part of my Last Crusade post on morality, but it seemed as if it deserved its own place. 

In the early days of the Christian Science movement, its healing powers were indisputable. Healings came quickly and easily. When Frances Thurber Seal went to Germany, for instance, she healed every case presented to her. (see Christian Science In Germany )

Due to this tremendous healing power, Christian Science spread rapidly. Churches were booming. Scientists could be found in all walks of life, from top Hollywood stars to members of the British Parliament.

My family came to Christian Science during this period. My grandfather was suffering from a cold. He walked into the office of a Christian Scientist practitioner, which he happened to pass. By the time he walked out, not only was his cold gone, he had also been healed of the desire to smoke. He was so impressed with this experience that he brought the teachings of Christian Science home to his family and many lovely healings ensued.

Out of gratitude to this wonderful divine science which has brought so much good into my life and the life of my family, I will try to post some testimonies from time to time. I have already posted a few in the past. You can find them here:

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