Choose This Day…

Liberty's back!


"Choose you this day whom ye will serve" Joshua 24:15

When I was young, I was a crusading, socialist Liberal. As I grew older, became a Libertarian. Then, as I have recounted elsewhere on this blog, I hit a point when I withdrew from politics worked hard to understand each side.

I became a person who chose to "see with eyes unclouded by hate."

Standing thus, this is what I have seen:

The Left Has Left Me Behind
There are a number of strong beliefs that I still hold that I held in my youth. Back then, they were Liberal beliefs. Now, the same exact believe is considered Right-Leaning. The leading edge of the Left has plunged by me and rushed off to entirely new places from what they used to believe.

Sadly, many of the new positions of the Left are in direct conflict to what they used to stand for.

The Left Is Exclusive, The Right Is Inclusive
Other's experience may be different, but, over the last ten years, my friends and comrads on the Left have repeatedly declared me to be on the Right the moment I disagreed with them on one issue. Meanwhile, my friends and associates on the Right have continued to welcome me and address me as one of their own, even when I pointed out all the ways in which I disagreed with them.

Christ is On The Move
You see it at the corner store, on the subway, at get-togethers, in the bookstore ,yea, even on Facebook: Christ is on the move! 
People who were afraid to talk about their religion before are suddenly feeling freer about doing so. Those who felt that they had to hide their faith are begining to lift their head and look around to see that they are not alone.

It appears as hearts lifted, as lives improved, as healings, as changes in finance, but–strangest and perhaps most wonderful of all–as dreams and visions appearing to Muslims. The phenomena of Muslims having dreams or visions of Jesus or other Christian figures is growing. You hear about it in books, from God Reports, whispered from Christian clergy in America, and, most recently, from an article in the New York Times.

Choose Ye This Day Where Ye Shall Stand!
So, it has come to me that the time has come to take a stand–no logner to just watch with eyes unclouded by hate, but to join and act. This does not mean that I need to allow my eyes to become clouded or to cease to have compassion for all my friends and all their views. But it does mean that perhaps more is expected of me.

Aslan is on the move. The time has come to grab a fist-full of mane and mount up! We know from the parable of the hired vineyard hands that we will be accepted, even up to the eleventh-hour. But I don't want to look back and see that I could have done so earlier and accomplished more.

But Where To Go?
I cannot join the Left, as they have become a bastion of intolerance and a panderer of vices.

I cannot join the Old Left, because while I believe their heart is in the right place, I don't believe their creed is correct. Among other things, it calls for a reliance on man instead of God–as it requires the belief in an underclass who needs to be propped up by seizing the belongings of others. This makes those who have more feel guilty or dishonest, which is bad enough. But, even worse, it convinces those who have less feel that, rather than strive to better themselves, they must compete for victim status, creating ever-growing crowds of entitled who have bought into the idea that their good can only come from another.

I cannot join the Alt-Right, for I believe all men are created equal as the Image and Likeness of God.

I cannot become a "Conservative" because no one knows what that word means anymore, and many people think it means Republican–and the Republicans don't seem to stand for anything but themselves.

I want to support morality, Christianity, virtue, self-reliance, tolerance towards those who believe otherwise, and charity.

So, hence forth, I shall stand with the Last Crusade (Christ, Constitution, Civilization.)