Speaking Truth to Bullies

We have come to this point because our whole society is so frightened of bullies.

To try to win an argument by using a word that ends in -phobe, rather than to discuss the topic is, frankly, bullying.

Most of us, sadly, apparently prefer to lie about reality than to be bullied by the cool kids who use -phobia words.

In truth, of course, there are a hundred reasons people think things and phobias are very few of them. 

BUT…we have to, as a culture, stand up to bullying and top caving every time someone pulls out the -phobia words, or many, many innocent people's lives are going to be damaged in many, many different ways. (This particular issue being only one of dozens.)

This doesn't mean that we should ever be cruel to each other…but we cannot allow fear of being called names to stop us from speaking the truth.

But make no mistake, my dearest friend, if you attempt to convince people of anything by calling them by a word ending in -phobe or -ist –rather than offering a thoughtful argument–you have become your own worse nightmare: a bully.

Stand up. Show courage. Tell the truth.