Fun With The Princess

Tiffany Tang in The Storm Warriors


Last night John and I were watching The Storm Warriors, a beautifully-filmed Chinese martial arts movie with huge doses of awe and splendor. John does not care for dubbed movies, so we were watching it in Cantonese with English subtitles…even though I was trying to do laundry at the the same time.

The characters in the movie would utter some dramatic phrase and John would try to repeat it. Our daughter, sitting a few feet away QQing with her friends on her computer, would burst into gales of laughter. She would come over. John would replay the phrase. She would repeat it. John would try and often fail. She thought this was soooooo funny.

(Cantonese is even harder than Mandarin. )

Ping-Ping had already seen the movie, but she watched parts of it with us. She would give us heads-up. “He good guy.” or “This one go to die.”

It was great fun.