Bonus Post – China Update

We made it to China! Thursday, in one of the busiest days of my life, we saw Tienamen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall (those stairs were steep!!!), a jade factory, a silk factory, and a tea house…along with two fantastic Chinese meals. (The food is sooo good!)  We were shown around by an absolutely darling young woman named Teresa, whom John and I adored.

Then, Friday…we flew to Goungzhou to meet Pingping!!! She met us with joy and smiles and has been with us since.  She and  I just went shopping and bought her ice cream and a shirt. But the highlight today was watching her buy goodies and treats for her 19 friends at the place where she lived the last 6 years. Tomorrow we will go there and share all the candy, fruit, soda, and spicy beef soup she bought with her friends, many of whom are also orphans. (Or maybe all, I’m not sure.) Ihope to get a lot of pictures of that!

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