Some of the e-versions of the books of Unexpected Enlightement do not include the illustrations, you can find them here:

From: The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin

Page 11 – Vroomie the Steeplechaser

steeplechaser - final


Page 67 – Gaius Valiant

Gaius_Valiant a

Page 205 – Siggy, Lucky, and the Conjured Skunk

Siggy and Lucky -- Final

Page 217 – Vladimir Von Dread

Vlad Final


From The Raven, The Elf, and Rachel

Page 148 – Dread and the Sheep

Sheep and Dread Final


Page 217  The Roanoke Academy Seal: The Roanoke Tree

Tree -- inked Final

Page 269 Tricorne Mirror Diagram

Tricorne mirror Final

Page 363 – Rachel and Siggy save the day!

Flying at the Plane Final


Book Three

Chapter 5: Rachel Saves the Goose

Rachel and the Goose final


Chapter 18: Rescuing Sigfried From The Hudson:

Rache and Siggy on the Hudson final


Chapter 26: Dancing with Gaius

Rachel and Gaius


Chapter 29: Dread vs. The Heer of Dunderbert

Dread and Storm Goblin final