Time Line

Brief time line of the Prospero Family and their travels during Miranda’s life time.

Time Line of the Family Prospero

  • 1458 Miranda born
  • 1474 Miranda and Prospero return to Milan
  • 1475 Prospero remarries – Isabella de Medici
  • 1476 Mephistopheles born
  • 1478 Theophrastus born
  • 1482 Erasmus born – Christmas day
    Miranda returns from her first year-and-a-day journey to the Well at the World’s End.
  • 1495 Leonardo da Vinci paints the Last Supper
    at St. Maria de Grazie in Milan
    Leonardo Da Vinci lived in Milan between 1490 and 1498, where Prospero’s younger brother Lodovico was his patron and Erasmus and Mephistopheles studied under him.
    Miranda and Prospero knew him.
  • 1500-18 Switzerland
    France attacks with help of Charlemagne’s Brood, Prosperos flee Milan after the betrayal of Antonio.
  • 1512-15 Mephisto, Duke of Milan
  • 1518-22 France
  • 1522-35 Erasmus, Duke of Milan
    It was during this point that they moved the Great Hall to Scotland.
    (Prospero’s wife, Isabella, dies during this period.)
  • 1535-47 Henry VIII’s England
    Prospero becomes a protestant.
  • 1547-80 Scotland – Prospero marries again
    (Margaret Maclaren) Catches West Wind, North-West Wind
  • 1552 Cornelius born
  • 1554 Girl child born — dies
  • 1556 Titus born
  • 1580-86 Wife dies
    Trouble with extended youth sends them fleeing to the Netherlands.
  • 1586-92 Elizabeth’s England
    The family returns to the Elizabethan court.
  • 1586-8 Prospero blows back Spanish Armada
    Prospero tells his story to Shakespeare.
  • 1596 Theo knighted by Earl of Essex
  • 1589-1609 Milan
    Prospero and Erasmus marry Italian girls. (Theo still in England) Milan was ruled by Spain at this point. Most of Prospero’s time spent on Orbis business. Erasmus’s wife dies and he returns to England.
  • 1593 Logistilla and Gregor born (twins)
  • 1609-19 Scotland and England
    Miranda sees The Tempest.
  • 1611 Erasmus helps translate King James Bible
  • 1616 Prospero buys peerage from King James
  • 1619-23 Rome.
    Logistilla makes Gregor (now 29) look like Cardinal Alessandro Ludovisi whom the two of them found dead in Bologna.
  • 1621 Gregor becomes Pope Gregory XV
    He issued Constitution “Omnipotentis Dei” against magicians and witches on 20 March, 1623. It is the last papal ordinance against witchcraft. Former punishments were lessened, and the death penalty was decreed only upon those who were proved to have entered into a compact with the devil, and to have committed homicide with his assistance.
  • 1623 Raid on Vatican
    Leave Italy for good. (Cornelius blinded)
  • 1623-49 Scotland again.
  • 1626 Erasmus, Cornelius, Titus, Gregor
  • 1627 Dances with Elves
  • 1631 Trip to Italy to tame Vesuvius
  • 1634 Astreus fails to meet Miranda by the Avon, Mephisto goes mad.
  • 1635 Theo finally destroys the Three Shadowed Ones.
  • 1649 Fight with Caveliers in Civil war—lose and flee.
    Erasmus’s son Fiachra born. Death of his wife, Reganlief the Swan Maiden.
  • 1649-60 First trip to Far East – Sojourn in China
  • 1660-85 Charles II – fast times in England
  • 1685-96 France with King XIV and Vienna
    Cornelius involved with banking (banknotes having been recently invented.)
  • 1697-99 Russia with Peter the Great
    Travel with ‘Peter Michailoff’ tour Europe – (capture North Wind)
  • 1700-14 Denmark and Marlboro
    Sisters and Prospero in Denmark. Brothers march with Marlboro
  • 1714-58 England (George I)
    Reclaim titles for ‘family’, Titus living on the fen.
  • 1740-58 Gregor becomes Cardinal Prospero Lambertini – Pope Benedict VIX
    Gregor still hoped for a conciliation between Catholics and Protestants.
  • 1756 Trip to Lisbon to quell oreads after the great Earthquake.
  • 1757-8 Marriage of Logistilla to Duke Ernst August of Saxe-Weimar
  • 1759-1809 Logistilla regent of Saxe-Weimar until 1775
    Her son, Karl August ruled until 1809. She did not travel on the trip to the Far East, but joined the family occasionally, courtesy of the Staff of Transportation.
  • 1759-91 India and the Far East – lived in China a time.
    (Captured South Wind)
  • 1792 Trip to Japan
    Japanese spirits (Unzen volcano collapse) (Captured East Wind)
  • 1795-98 French Revolution
    visiting Iceland volcanoes.
  • 1798-1850 England and travel – China for Centennial Ball
  • 1817 Prospero marries English Lady (Pricilla Harding)
  • 1823 Ulysses born
  • 1850-70 In France under Napoleon III
    high life, flee to England
  • 1870-1910 Steamer Set
    England, Europe and USA
  • 1883 Indonesia after Krakatoa
  • 1911-1927 Move to America
    Boston (salamanders after 1910 fires)
  • 1924 Gregor dies
  • 1927 to… Oregon
  • 1965 Theo leaves family
  • 1976 Erasmus sells his shares of Prospero Lost
  • 2000 Miranda misses Millennium Ball
    while chasing wayward spirits who believe that their contracts end on the Millennia.

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