Works by John C. Wright

Books and Stories
by John C. Wright


Count to the Eschalon series:
Count to a Trillion
The Hermetic Millennia
The Judge of Ages
The Architech of Aeons
The Vindication of Man
Count to Infinity

Moth and Cobweb series:
Green Knight's Squire
      Swan Knight’s Son
      Feast of the Elfs
      Swan Knight’s Sword

Dark Avenger's Sidekick
      Daughter of Danger
      City of Corpses
      Tithe to Tartarus

Tales of the Unwithering:

Chronicles of Chaos
Orphans of Chaos
Fugitives of Chaos
Titan of Chaos

War of the Dreaming
Last Guardian of Everness
Mists of Everness

The Golden Age Series
The Golden Age
The Phoenix Exultant
The Golden Transcendence

Stand Alone Novels:
Iron Chamber of Memories
Nul-A Continuum
One Bright Star To Guide Them (Novella)
Awake in the Night (Novella)

Anthologies by John:
Awake in the Night Land
City Beyond Time

Book of Feasts and Seasons
Transhuman and Subhuman: Essays of Science Fiction and the Awful Truth

Anthologies with a story by John C. Wright 
Monster Hunter Files
Forbidden Thoughts
God, Robot
Pulp Rev Sampler
Planetary: Mercury
MAGA 2020 and Beyond
Songs of the Dying Earth
Year's Best SF 3, edited by Dave Hartwell
Clockwork Phoenix: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness
Clockwork Phoenix: Tales of Beauty and Strangeness 3
Sci Phi Journal #1

William Hope Hodgson's Night Lands: Volume 1
William Hope Hodgson's Night Lands: Volume 2
Best Short Stories of 2004
Modern Greats of Science Fiction
Year's Best Science Fiction 21st
Year's Best Science Fiction 27th
Engineering Infinity
The New Space Opera
Altered Perceptions
No Longer Dreams

Defend the Future Series:
Breach the Hull
So It Begins

Non-Fiction essays by John C. Wright
Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Master of Pulp Storytelling
Atheist to Catholic: Stories of Conversion
Mere Christians: Inspiring Stories of Encounters with C. S. Lewis
Sci Phi Journal #2

Benbella books with an essay by John C. Wright
Batman Unauthorized
Finding Serenity
Star Wars on Trial
King Kong is Back!