Subversive Literary Movement

Welcome to the website of the Superversive Literary Movement. If subversion is changing something by undercutting it from below, superversion is change by inspiring from above.

Here are some of the notable essays that have appeared as part of the Superversive Blog Collumn. To see them all, click on the Superversive link to the right.

The Art of Courage:  The original essay that started it all, by Mr. Superversive himself, Tom Simon.

Holy Godzilla of the Apocalypse:  How to identify a Superversive story.

The Goal of the Superversive: Probably my best article on the purpose of the Superversive.

The Needs of Culture vs. The Needs of Drama: Drama battles culture in the purpose of the story.

A Light in the Darkness: Beautiful article on the nature of stories by teen author and superfan extraordinaire, A. M. Freeman.

Deeper Magic Before the Dawn of Time:  An article on Christian Magic.

Christian Magic Part 2: part to the the article about Christian Superversive and Christian Magic.

Makers and Breakers: Excellent article on storytelling and more by the extremely amusing Dave Freer.

Why "Reallism" Isn't: article on why realism is not what is real.

Why I think Christian Comic Books Are So Necessary: The need for Christian heroes by artist Dan Lawlis.

Magic: The Superverting or Why Superversion Isn't Just For Literature Any More: article on the Superversive qualities of Magic: The Gathering by Pierce Oka.

J.R.R. Tolkien's Unfinished Work: The Notion Papers: article by British professor, Bruce Charlton.

Your Book of Gold: a book on how your book may be the one that most touches the heart of a reader by John. C. Wright.

The Bosom Jiggle Factor: More on the needs of culture vs. the needs of drama.

Signal to Noise: an article on how the message gets lost when competing groups meet on the field of life.

Trigger Warnng or Smelling Salts?: an article on the New Victorians and having the virtues of your vices.

What Stories Do: another lovely essay by April Freeman.

Life, Carbon, and Tao and Part Two: Superversive Literary Movement Anniversary Essay by Tom Simon.

The School of Darkness: on Bella Dodd's autobiography about her years as a soldier in the Communist party.