Oh, My Aching Pointed Ears!

Today, at breakfast, after consuming toast with honey, Juss discovered that the stickiness made it so that he could produce a really good "Live long and prosper" hand gesture. (Hand up, thumb out, fingers splayed down the middle.)

The following conversation then ensued:

Mommy: "Now you can be a Vulcan."

Juss: "What’s a Vulcan."

Mommy: "They’re from Star Trek. They’re an alien race that is calm and logical, ‘Fascinating, Captain’ " (Said in a Spock voice.) "Daddy loves them. Didn’t you see the Star Trek cartoons? Or were you too young to remember?"

Juss: "I saw them."

Mommy: "Do you remember Spock?"

Juss: "Who? Oh, the elf."


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