6 thoughts on “Wa…Gah?

    • Disney as parent corp

      We should be used to this. Disney owns Castle Rock so they don’t have to put their name on grown-up films, they own Pixar so they aren’t restricted to “drawn” cartoons, now they own Marvel so they can make money on standard super hero films. You don’t think they’ll put the Disney name on those things do you?

  1. I was in my car when I heard this and did a little happy dance in the seat. Even better for a finance-head like myself, Disney stock is dropping on the news; probably overpaid for Marvel. If it stays low I’ve got a great acquisition target for my savings

    Also, I’m amused and intrigued by all the crossover potentials. catholicteacher is right, it won’t be obvious, unless it’s worthwhile. Iron Man is not going to be showing up at the Magic Kingdom anytime soon. Studios? That could happen.

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