I picked Christian World Adoption for two reasons. One, I liked that they prayed to get the right children and families together. The other reason was that they have a comprehensive China program with a guide and everything taken care of for us here.

And they’ve been doing a great job! Our guide, Simon, is wonderful. He has waited patiently while girls shopped, translated for us, helped with paperwork, arranged tours, just wonderful. He is a tall handsome man, six feet tall, which is very rare here. When our daughter said she wanted to take him to America with us, he said he’d have himself put on the Waiting Adoption list, which had everyone laughing.

Last night, he arranged a cruise for us all on the Pearl River, which was just delightful.  The sky scrapers along the river are all lit with neon lights, some with phone numbers, some with designs. Other boats went by lit up with dolphins or birds. One was made up to look like a dragon boat, a boat from the Dragon Boat festival that one sees everywhere carved from jade.

Today, we went to a botanical gardens, which would have been utterly lovely if it were not too hot. Still, it was magnificent. I was especially impressed by the rose garden, where the look was just roses, but the smell was heavenly!

We found Ping and Ee-Ee (Ye-Ye?) sitting together in the one spot with shade and a breeze. They wanted to bring their friends to see them. We financed this and Lily and Quameao (just guesses at the spellings here) came to spend the day and have lunch. This made me happy because Lily is Ping’s "sister"– I believe this means they were orphans together and both have the same assigned last name of Yue. We have pictures of the two girls together when they were much younger. We were told that Lily was very sad that Ping Ping was leaving. So, I was happy they got more time together.

Then, Lily and Ping Ping went shopping and Ee-Ee and the other girl came swimming with me. We had a lovely time with the other families at the pool (there are 5 families from Christian World Adoption (CWA) now.

Now Ee-Ee’s is heading back to school after the weekend, and we have about five days left!


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