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I’ll try to post a writing post later. I’ve got a meeting with my daughter’s school this morning…finally got a Chinese-speaking friend to come and try to help sort her day out.

Meanwhile from here:

Planned Parenthood drops lawsuit against former director

BRYAN, Texas — Planned Parenthood has quietly dropped its lawsuit against the former director of its Bryan health center who quit her job after observing an abortion procedure. Among other accusations, Planned Parenthood falsely claimed she violated a confidentiality agreement and breached an employment contract, though she never had one with the clinic. ADF attorneys provided legal assistance to Johnson and the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life.

“This was the latest in a series of national Planned Parenthood scandals,” said ADF Senor Legal Counsel Steven H. Aden. “It wasn’t about one woman or one clinic. Planned Parenthood is a national organization that has been kept afloat by hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funding. The American people need to understand that this organization has been involved in scandal after scandal and has never owned up to them. Like so many Planned Parenthood lawsuits, this lawsuit was baseless, so we are pleased that it has been withdrawn.”

The order withdrawing the lawsuit, Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas v. Johnson, was issued by the Brazos County District Court, 85th Judicial District.

Employed with Planned Parenthood for eight years, Johnson, the 2008 employee of the year for Planned Parenthood’s southeast Texas region, says she was put under duress by her employer in August when her clinic was economically pressured to perform more abortions to raise profits. After recently being required to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion procedure which she observed on screen, Johnson decided to resign.

Johnson says she changed her view about abortion after seeing the pre-born child–of 13 weeks–in the ultrasound curl away from the abortion instrument inserted to end his or her life. She has since accepted employment with the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life, a community-based Christian pro-life organization.


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  1. Understanding your schedule is very important when the rest of the world is so confusing! With two language challenged kids, I must concur.
    However, Ben has learned to use the calendar to his advantage. He carefully wrote “tree” on the 11th of December.
    In other news, Steve was able to install the light on the van successfully so we are just waiting for the key to the lug nuts to finish the inspection. Hope to have word for Bill in the next few days.

  2. Interesting how it was the ultrasound that made her stop and think.

    And interesting how the pro-aborts fight tooth-and-nail any law requiring abortion mills to show a woman what her baby looks like at the stage of gestation it’s in. Because, you know, heaven forfend she actually make a decision based on all the facts or anything. Heaven forfend that when the Planned Barrenhood “counselor” says “Oh, yes, at ten weeks it has visible limbs,” like that’s no biggie, the mother have the wherewithal to call them on their bullshit.

    Not that I’m bitter.

    • I knew someone who worked for them at one point as an ultrasound tech. They were ordered not to let the mothers see the screen.

      That alone should be enough to tell you that Planned Parenthood is not legit. If their purpose was to help women, rather than kill children, they would encourage the mothers-to-be to look at the screen and make an informed decision.

      13 weeks is nothing. I saw my son at 7 weeks (earlier than most, but there was a problem–which turned out not to be serious.) He already looked like a baby. By 15 weeks, he was playing with his foot.

      That was about when John became pro-life.

  3. My daughter is adopted, and I thank G-d every day that her bio mom is a lapsed Catholic who held onto her core values! :-D (She’s now happily married, and the mom of her own baby. She calls me for advice. *smile*)

    I became pro life when I was trying to get pregnant. I KNEW I was pregnant by the first week. I could feel it. I can’t explain it, but when I miscarried, I knew that SOMEONE had left me. It was not a late period, or messed up hormones, or anything else. It was a baby.

    All through my years of fighting with infertility, I used to get so angry at mothers who would “get rid of” perfectly healthy and wanted babies, while I couldn’t have one. I used to be so angry at G-d, who knows everything that is going to happen, because He send those little souls down to stupid people who were going to kill them, instead of giving one to me. I still don’t entirely understand why that is. I guess I’ll have to ask Him when I see Him.

    I really wish PP would get out of the abortion business. They do a very valuable service for poor and uninsured people, both men and women. Not just birth control, but annual checkups, pap smears, STD screening and treatment, all of that is very important, especially in inner city areas.

    Too bad they aren’t promoting vasectomies. Bring your buddy, it’s a two for one sale! Don’t want to pay child support,? Girlfriend lied about being on the pill? We got your answer right here! ;-P *snip snip*

  4. I fell in love with our son when I saw him sucking his fist on the ultrasound. How could I have ever thought that it was anyone’s ‘right’ to destroy such a being?

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