Jack-O-Lanterns, I knew you when!


We had some lovely and amazing carved pumpkins in our neighborhod…but I miss jack-o-lanterns. I love the old-fashion, grinning, trangle-eyed pumpkins. (We always used the triangles from the eyes on top to make cat ears when I was young.)

I hope they don’t go away, just because people can now do neat artwork, too.

I thought it was eerie that, even though Halloween has always been a huge deal for us, being that it is my brother’s birthday, I can’t recall any of my costumes from when I was young.

Now, I do recall my elf costume for the PRWE (Pound Ridge Wood Elves) which was adorable and elfy and I probably wore it some Halloween. And I recall my wizard costume, which I wore later, but was probably made for a Halloween…but I don’t actually recall what I was wearing any of the times I went out…which is weird, considering what I normally recall.

I’m looking forward to  having my mom come back from her training class. I bet she’ll remember. She made them.