Happy Birthday, Princess!

 The Wright Household Princess is now officially 15 years of age!


 Ping-Ping preparing to perform a magic show with her brothers. 


She got up this morning and happily unwrapped the clothes she had picked out from Justice…the only store that seems to have clothes that fit her. She has a big party planned for Saturday, with all sorts of Chinese food and church and school friends attending. Should be fun.

 This has been a busy week for her. Monday we had our last home visit for the last post-adoption report. Tuesday, she and I went to Annandale High School for the World Language Credit Exam (if she passes, she gets two high school foriegn language credits for her Mandarin. Then we went to Great Wall, the actual Chinese grocery store (as opposed to the Korean stores we normally shop at) and bought stuff for her party. Today is her birthday, and Saturday is the party…so one busy week.

I told her it was Ping-Ping Monday, Ping-Ping Tuesday, Ping-Ping Thursday, and Ping-Ping Saturday. She told me that Friday was her day, too. ;-)