The Donkeys Prospero

A reader and friend who is a fan of donkeys and who is a supporter of a wonderful donkey sanctuary in England, sent me some delightful photos of donkeys she picked out to represent the various characters from the Prospero’s Daughter Trilogy.  I like to think of this as what happens the day that Logistilla’s staff malfunctions and turns the family into donkeys.  Maybe there’s a short story idea in there somewhere.

Miranda, Mephisto, Cornelius, Theo, Titus and Erasmus

(Donkey’s real names: Zena-a ladylike donkey, Ashley-a goofball donkey, Mr. Khan-a levelheaded donkey, Ravelin–an olderbrother like donkey, Skippy-a big donkey, and Mars-the donkey who steals the ball away from the others.)



( Hirondelle-a donkey who is very jealousy of her sister.)

Another shot of Mephisto (with his favorite boot) and Titus



(A very black donkey named Nero.)


Donkey name: Fred Snook

The Dread Magician Prospero Himself!

(Real name: Torrent)


Some other folks outside the family:


(Donkey:  Hercule Poitou–one can just picture him in a fedora thinking “Harebrain!”)


Astreus Stormwind


Mr. and Mrs. Claus


The Elf Queen Maeve and her Ladies


 Hell’s Minions


Calvin the Bully Boy


Caurus (a.k.a. Longnose)




Ivor as Ariel “Why, that’s my dainty Ariel! I shall miss thee; 
                             But yet thou shalt have freedom. So, so, so.”


Aerie Ones Cavorting


Eureynome –The Unicorn



And there they are together again.


 For more information about the Donkey Sanctuary: