Slightly Creepy

 So, this morning, my son goes out the door with his father to go to school, and I realize that I have forgotten his lunch. He realizes it to. He calls me from school and asks for the lunch. I throw it together and jump in the car with the Cherubim. (Tornado Two is quietly doing his homework…maybe a first. I should have know right then that something unexpected was up.)

I am driving down the road to the school, which is less than a mile  and a half away (I know this because if it were more than a mile and a half, my son would not need to leave with his father. He would be bussed), and I glance to the right as I cross the creek.

Sitting on the low rail that keeps small children from plunging the twelve feet into the creek are four, giant, gray-headed buzzards. Just sitting there. They are huge.

Now, I am not superstitious, and I don’t believe in omens, and I love all animals!

But I tell you, four enormous vultures sitting right at eye level.

Even I was a bit creeped out.

But I had a whole new appreciation for harpies.