Cool! My short story got reviewed!

Here is a review of my short story in Coliseum Morpheuon: Anthology of Dreams

And finally, there is L. Jagi Lamplighter's "Foot-sore Angel" – a disillusioned angel walks in trench-coat through a desolate dreamscape, igniting cigarettes with his flickering halo and seeking redemption. And as dreams border all worlds, not just fantasy worlds, a bit of dream bleeds over to our own world in this particular story. Of all the protagonists, this one is perhaps the most tragic one, but the story's stellar humor and dark wit alleviates what could have easily become a gloom-fest. This vies with T.H. Gulliver's contribution for my personal rank one – a touch of Dresden Files suffuses this one.

For the full review, including the many other intriguing stories in this rather cool anthology, click here


Brief note: I was invited into this anthology without a proper understanding of what it was about–which is why I included the real world stuff. After the miliue was explained better, I asked to be able to leave it in, because the story was much better with it there. I think they made me take out Max's last name. It's Sheffield.

I am amused that the reviewer says it is like Dresden. I, of course, thought I took the mood from Amber and other earlier Noir works. (which is, of course, why I like Dresden so much. ;-)