So, I commented on a Facebook post giving what I thought was a rather insightful analysis of the difference between how the two opposing sides saw the Chick-Fil-A events yesterday. In particular, I talked about how each side was not communicating, because they did not seem to understand the other sides's concerns.

And I got jumped all over by someone who insisted….that no one could possibly believe what I said the opposition believes. And was rude about it.



Here's what I said;

"The other really weird thing–as someone who reads the posts of friends on both sides of the issue–is how convinced both sides are that the other side is motivated by hate. The pro-gay marriage side thinks they are standing up for equality and that the other side is motivated by bigotry. Those showing support for Chick-Fil-A, including some non-Christians who were offended by behavior of a couple of mayors, think that they are standing up for the First Amendment, and in the case of the Christians, for their fellow Christians, and they are convinced that those on the other side are motivated by hatred of Christianity–and not by concern for gays.

I am puzzled as to why neither side believes the other when they say what their concern is. My guess as to why this is the case is that the issue the opposition is concerned about is of so little concern to each side that they cannot actually believe a person would be motivated by that issue. If they were a person who was concerned with the opposing issue, they would already be a member of the opposing party.
So, the pro-gay marriage guys can't believe that Christians would see the matter as an attack on Freedom of Speech…they think it is an excuse, and the Christians can't believe that the other side actually believes it is an issue of discriminiation. So they both seem to spend a lot of time showing solidarity to their side and posting hateful things about the other side. I have not yet seen any posts, however, that were anti-gay…the Christians don't seem to think this is about gays…they think it is about Liberals. I have seen a lot of anti-Christian posts, however."