New Feature: Signal Boost Tuesday! — Steven G. Johnson


From now on, on Tuesdays, I’m going to post a link and a bit of info for a fellow writer. My hope is to give other writers a bit of exposure so that if they are someone you all might enjoy, you have the chance to learn  about them.

Isle of Glass

Steven G. Johnson is a high school teacher who teaches nearly every subject known to man, while directing a school play version of The Trouble With Tribbles. He is the kind of teacher his students will never forget…the kind of sets his hand on fire, among other things.

A graduate of Clarion and a contributor to Analog Magazine, Steve has written several books and a collection of short stories:

Caer Glass

Despite prohibitions against lady knights, a young woman embarks on knightly errantry in the court of King Arthur.


Gene Pirates of the Red Star Empire

Surely this is the pulpiest title ever!


General's Green

Aliens and Mindreading!



Starwatchers and Other Stories (Anthology of short stories.)

Star-crossing commandoes versus telepathic insects. A vampire who needs help understanding the Internet. The Alien Legion, knee-deep in mud and blood for the glory of an Earth they will never be allowed to see. Shadowy, half-sensed forms that haunt a sleepy New England town, until the Law rides into town. All this and an invasion of Mars in 1976! Johnson/dp/1481924958/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qi