Mab’s Handy Guide to Surviving the Supernatural!

Mab f

Mab here, Prospero Inc. company gumshoe.

As part of my campaign to protect you woefully-uninformed humans from your own folly—in hopes of saving even one of you from an elf-induced death, or worse—here is some of my gathered wisdom concerning the supernatural world.

Read. Pay attention. And maybe you’ll live.

For those of you who are just coming in, we’ve started with Tsukumogami, Japanese household objects that wake up after their 100th birthday and become animate.


Name:  Ichiren-bozu

Description:   Animated heroic prayer beads

Where To Find It: Temples, back alleys

Frequency: Low

Danger Level:  Not so much

Mab’s Eye View:  Look. I’d like to warn you off from these guys…because, frankly, all magic is bad for humans. But, they are prayer beads. Heroic ones, at that. Really, they just help people. But stay away from ‘em, anyway.

Oh, and a huge thank you to Dan Lawlis for the new spiffy logo at the top. Thanks, Dan! You made me look like a champ!