Sad Puppy Short Story Book Bomb!

Below is yesterday's post from Monster Hunter Nation:

It is time to spread more awareness about Puppy Related Sadness. The following are our suggested nominees for the short fiction categories, novelette and short story.

The way a Book Bomb normally works is that we pick one good book worthy of more attention, which is available on Amazon, and then we get as many people as possible to buy it in the same day in order to boost it up through the ratings. As the the rating climbs, it gets in front of more people, until it ends up on an Amazon bestseller list, where lots of people who aren’t involved in the Book Bomb see it. Success breeds success, the author gets lots of new readers, but more importantly, the author GETS PAID.

This Book Bomb is a little different. Because the ones I’m doing right now are to get more people exposed to the works we nominated for the infamous Sad Puppies slate, we’re bombing a bunch of works at the same time. I don’t like putting this many links, but time is of the essence, and next week I’ll post about the Campbell nominees and Best Related Works.

We did three novellas last week and it was a huge success. They’re still selling well a week later. Overall we sold a couple thousands novellas, which in novellas is freaking huge.

But shorter fiction is tough, because it isn’t always available for sale by itself, but is usually bundled as part of an anthology, or in a magazine which often isn’t available on Amazon.

As you can see from the list below, luckily many of these are available on Amazon, and some are available for FREE, and for the ones that you can only get in magazines the Evil Legion of Evil Blue Care Bear of Flamethrowering (i.e. Brad) contacted them and asked for a work of theirs which was available for us to plug. So those won’t be the nominated work from the current year, but if they sound cool, check them out, that way the author GETS PAID.

Best Novelette

“The Journeyman: In the Stone House”

by Michael F. Flynn

(Analog magazine, June 2014)

Mike doesn’t actually have this novelette available for sale, but he did recommend the following item:



“The Triple Sun: A Golden Age Tale”

by Rajnar Vajra

(Analog magazine, July/Aug 2014)

Rajnar came up blank. He literally has nothing original for sale. This is an unfortunate habit with some of the Analog authors who don’t publish much outside of Analog.

“Championship B’tok”

by Edward M. Lerner

(Analog magazine, Sept 2014)

The specific story is not for sale, but Ed says we can go with this one:



“Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Earth to Alluvium”

by Gray Rinehart

(Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show)

(Requires a subscription, which costs $15/yr)

Since Gray doesn’t have a novel or other fiction available online, you can support him by checking out his album at:


Best Short Story

“Goodnight Stars”

by Annie Bellet

(The Apocalypse Triptych)
“Tuesdays With Molakesh the Destroyer”

by Megan Grey

(Fireside Fiction)

Megan apologizes. She is so new she has nothing for sale, but the story is FREE at the following URL:


by Kary English

(Galaxy’s Edge magazine, July 2014)

“On A Spiritual Plain”

by Lou Antonelli

(Sci Phi Journal #2)

Appears in:

“A Single Samurai”

by Steve Diamond

(Baen Big Book of Monsters)


So there you go, a whole bunch of short fiction that the Evil Legion of Evil enjoyed and thought you guys might like. Sadly, because we’re not imbeciles, we didn’t check with each author to find out their race, sex, and sexual orientation to see if they’d be okay to read as part of the Social Justice Warrior Racist Reading Challenge. We’ll try to rectify that in the future… if we come down with a case of extreme brain damage.


Normally I try to list all the current starting sales rank numbers, and then update them through the day, but we discovered last time that Amazon has started using some massive, like eight hour delay on their hourly tracking system. We basically we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out how we did.

There are so darned many of these, that I’ll go ahead and post. Then come back and edit in the starting stats later. I’ve got a deadline, but I’ll do this because I love you guys. :)

EDIT: I forgot to add, please tell your friends! tweet, blog, facebook, graffiti, body art, interpretive dance, whatever works, but the more people who know, the higher the books get, the more attention the authors get.

Here are our opening stats:

Captive Dreams: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,809,985 in Book

Time Foreclosed: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #699,938 Paid in Kindle Store

The End is Now: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #23,949 Paid in Kindle Store

Totaled: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #298,088 Paid in Kindle Store

Sci Phi Journal: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #200,635 Paid in Kindle Store

Baen Big Book of Monsters: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #178,892 in Books

EDIT:  Let’s see what we did.

Captive Dreams: Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #285,841 in Books.

The only one to not get on a bestseller list, but we moved it up 1,524,144 spots.

Time Foreclosed:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #3,470 Paid in Kindle

.The End is Now:


Sci Phi Journal:

Baen Big Book of Monsters:

That was an interesting Book Bomb. It was the first time I’ve ever Book Bombed this many items at once, they’re short fiction, we just did this last week, and Amazon isn’t updating the numbers until after most folks are in bed, so I wasn’t expecting to do what we normally do with a single novel, but despite that we still bumped everybody on here up at least a couple hundred thousand spots, and got nearly everyone somewhere onto a list. (Looking at it, again, the only one we didn’t get onto a list was one that isn’t actually on the Sad Puppies slate, but was one of the ones posted so the author could Get Paid). Smallest overall number shift was on the last one that most of my regulars already bought months ago (that’s the one that has my Tokyo Raider story in it).

Overall, an interesting experiment that worked better than I’d hoped. Next week, Campbell and Related Works.

Good work everybody.