Off to Wood Badge


There will be no Superversive article this week because I am off to Wood Badge–the Boy Scout Adult Leadership program. 

Next week, I shall try to get you all an essay. Essays I am working on include:

Hell's Gamers – Ruminations on Hell's Angels and #Gamergate

Drama and Culture with Dinosaurs — my take on "If You Were A Dinosaur My Love", from a Drama vs. Culture perspective. (I have not actually read this story yet…but I have read enough excerpts to know that I am capable of both liking and disliking it, so I thought I would argue with myself about my reaction. I will, however, do the story the courtesy of actually reading it before I write the article.)

The Search For Truth In Genre — an article I've been trying to get down for a year now about why romance readers want happy endings and other observations about the limits and purposes of genre.

If there is anything you would like to see me tackle, let me know.