Even More Blurbs! — Double Coolation!!

And another:

Readers of both traditional and urban fantasy–as well as fans of
Shakespeare and film noir–will find much to savor in Lamplighter’s
charming debut.  She’s created a world so nuanced and believable, I
half-expect to see barghest hounds on my next trip to the mall.  An
ensemble cast of delightful and distinctive characters take the reader
on an unpredictable and thoroughly enjoyable journey.  I’d join this
road trip in a heartbeat!

—Jeri Smith-Ready, award-winning author of WICKED GAME and BAD TO

And here is a link to one of Jeri’s latest books, The Reawakened, because if you look at the cover on the web, where you can’t quite see all the details, the girl on the cover looks just like her.


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