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Carl from Boston, MA:



Trent from Seattle, WA:



Extreme-radical-extra-chromosome-baby-seal-clubbing-throw-grandma-off-the-cliff-after-feeding-her-dog-food-bible-totin-gun-clinging-vast-right-wing-conspiring-against-BossieTheMAO-fly-over-country-racist-bigot-homophobe-half-breed-VoxDaySympathizing-neoNazi (although I still don't see how they can lump right wing with National Socialism) in North Carolina



Emilio from Chihuahua, Mexico:



Denver from Germany (who says these are just a few of his collection):



Benjamin Wheeler of Saint Louis, Missouri:

Ben W


Chris from Florida:


Po from Connecticut (who also lost a dozen or so Tor books in a spring flood.):

Paul S


Paul from Virginia:



Dave from North Dakota  (5 of his over 50 Tor purchases.):

David M


Mark Ping from Chico, California:
Mark P


Richard from Costa Mesa, CA:

Richard T


Josh from USA:



Ken from California:



Darth Toolpodicus from Pittsburgh, PA:



Eric from Manhattan:

Eric f  eric f 3Eric f2  eric f 4


Josh from Washington:

Josh L


Carole from Los Angeles, CA  (just part of her Tor purchases.):



Mark from Georgia:

Mark from G


Samuel from Melbourne, Australia reports that he also has ebooks:



George from Indy
George from Ind
George from Ind 3  George from Ind 2
Joe from North Dakota:
Mark from Houston, TX:
David from Boulder County, CO (who reports, like many others, that this is not all):
David R

Kerani — Not a nazi, not a political extremist, not a bot (Just a few of her books):


Stanley Miller from Gilbert Arizona–his Tor books are among these, plus many on Kindle:
Jeremy from Wisconsin:
Jonathan from North Carolina:
Jonathan 2
Sandy from Atlanta, Georgia:
Pierce from Kentucky–many Tor books here. More on Kindle.
A. Servellow of Parkland:
Craig from Denver, Colorado:
James the Wanderer:
James @
Daniel from Arizona:


MendoScot in Argentina:
Candi and Roy from Arkansas:
Thomas and Molly the Sad Puppy (A fe of their many ):
Chuck from USA:
Steven from Denver, Colorado:
Steven @W
Joe from Concord, CA — just a few of his many, many books:
Steven @W
Steve from …
Steve also
Meredith from West Virginia:
nthony, Piers.   Race Against Time.

Anderson, Poul, ed.  Berserker Base.
Anderson, Poul.      Hoka!
Anderson, Poul.      New America.
Anderson, Poul.      Operation Luna.
Anderson, Poul.      Time Patrolman.
Anderson, Poul.      The Shield of Time.

Barnes, John.  One for the Morning Glory.

Bell, Clare.  People of the Sky.

Brin, David.  Kiln People.

Card, Orson Scott.  Ender's Game.
                    Seventh Son.
                    Speaker for the Dead.

Dean, Pamela.  Dubious Hills, The.
               Tam Lin.

Dickson, Gordon R.  Final Encyclopedia, The
                    Last Master, The
                    Lost Dorsai
                    Man from Earth, The

Doctorow, Cory.  Little Brother

Doyle, Debra.  Price of the Stars, The

Drake, David.  Bridgehead.
               Cross the Stars.
               Forlorn Hope, The

Kagan, Janet.   Hellspark (three copies)

Klaper, Steven.  Agents of Insight

Kornbluth, C.M.  Not This August.
                 Syndic. The.

Kushner, Ellen.  Thomas, the Rhymer.

Laumer, Keith.   The Monitors.

Norton, Andre.  Flight in Yiktor.
                Moonsinger's Friends (two copies)

Pournelle, Jerry.  There Will Be War

Saberhagen, Fred. Seance for a Vampire.

Scott, Melissa.  Burning Bright.  (two copies)
                 Point of Hopes.

Sheffield, Charles.  Billion Dollar Boy, The.

Silverberg, Robert.  Time of the Great Freeze.

Stevermer, Caroline.  College of Magics, A.

Sucharitkul, Somtow. Mallworld.

Turtledove, Harry.  Between the Rivers.

Watt-Evans, Lawrence.  Split Heirs.

Scott from Virginia:
NULL,"Leaping To The Stars (Starsiders Trilogy)","David Gerrold","Tor Books","unknown, just know I have it"
9780312850357,"Dayworld Breakup","Philip Jose Farmer","Tor Books","HC 01"
9780312850562,"Xenocide (The Enders Series, Volume 3)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","HC 06"
9780312850999,"Achilles' Choice","Larry Niven","Tor Books","HC 07"
9780312853952,"Children of the Mind (Ender Wiggins Saga)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","HC 03"
9780312857769,"Callahan's Legacy","Spider Robinson","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780312865245,"The Free Lunch","Spider Robinson","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780312873691,"The American Zone","L. Neil Smith","Tor Books","VA Unshelved"
9780312890698,"Jumping Off the Planet","David Gerrold","Tor Books","HC 04"
9780312930196,"Seventh Son (Card, Orson Scott. Tales of Alvin Maker, 1.)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","HC 04"
9780312930219,"Forge of God (SIGNED)","Greg Bear",Tor,"HC 06"
9780312930271,Anthonology,"Piers Anthony","Tor Books","HC 8 + Hardy Boys"
9780312932725,Ghost,"Piers Anthony","Tor Books","HC 04"
9780312937249,"Shade of the Tree","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","HC 04"
9780312937386,"Speaker for the Dead (Ender Wiggins Saga (Hardcover))","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","HC 03"
9780312937485,Steppe,"Piers Anthony","Tor Books","HC 04"
9780312938888,"Voyagers II: The Alien Within","Ben Bova","Tor Books","HC 05"
9780523485669,"The McAndrew Chronicles","Charles Sheffield","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780523485720,Conflict,"Poul Anderson","Tor Books","BOX 18"
9780765302700,"Callahan's Con","Spider Robinson","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765307170,"The Green and the Gray","Timothy Zahn","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765309402,"Old Man's War","John Scalzi","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765309419,"The Android's Dream","John Scalzi","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765313126,"Variable Star","Robert A. Heinlein","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765315021,"The Ghost Brigades (Sci Fi Essential Books)","John Scalzi","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765315366,"The SFWA European Hall of Fame: Sixteen Contemporary Masterpieces of Science Fiction  from the Continent","James Morrow","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765316974,"The Last Colony","John Scalzi","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765316981,"Zoe's Tale","John Scalzi","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765316998,"Redshirts: A Novel with Three Codas","John Scalzi","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765318527,"Space Vulture","Gary K. Wolf","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780765320544,"Requiem: Collected Works and Tributes to the Grand Master","Robert A. Heinlein","Tor Books","VA Unshelved"
9780765340337,"The Wreck of the River of Stars","Michael Flynn","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765340351,Eifelheim,"Michael Flynn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765340696,"The Dark Wing","Walter H. Hunt","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765342249,"The Armies of Memory","John Barnes","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765343543,"The Phoenix Exultant","John C. Wright","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765344366,"The Immortality Factor","Ben Bova","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765345004,Hominids,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765345646,"The Dark Path","Walter H. Hunt","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765346056,Gateways,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765346063,Crisscross,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765346445,"Night Train to Rigel","Timothy Zahn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765346759,Humans,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Books","VA Unshelved"
9780765347718,"The Draco Tavern","Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765348173,Powersat,"Ben Bova","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765348227,"The Clan Corporate","Charles Stross","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765348258,Spin,"Robert Charles Wilson","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765349057,"Gridlinked (Tor Science Fiction)","Neal L. Asher","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765349064,Hybrids,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765349088,"The Golden Transcendence: Or, The Last of the Masquerade","John C. Wright","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765349743,Rollback,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765349750,Mindscan,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765349828,"The Dark Ascent","Walter H. Hunt","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765349835,"The Dark Crusade","Walter H. Hunt","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765349958,"Orphans of Chaos","John C. Wright","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765350480,"The Skinner","Neal L. Asher","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765351296,"Building Harlequin's Moon","Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765351388,Infernal,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765351395,Harbingers,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765351777,"Learning the World: a Scientific Romance","Ken MacLeod","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765352057,"The Hidden Family","Charles Stross","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765352828,"Invasive Procedures","Aaron Johnston","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765352828,"Invasive Procedures","Orson Scott Card","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765353450,"The Eternity Artifact","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765353870,"Fugitives of Chaos","John C. Wright","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765353979,"Off Armageddon Reef","David Weber","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765353986,"By Schism Rent Asunder","David Weber","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765354105,Ragamuffin,"Tobias S. Buckell","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765354211,"Up Against It","M.J. Locke","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765355157,Horizons,"Mary Rosenblum","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765355225,Empire,"Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765355409,"Escape from Hell","Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765355607,"Titans of Chaos","John C. Wright","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765355898,"The Merchants' War","Charles Stross","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765356321,Bloodline,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765356338,"By the Sword","F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765356543,"The Elysium Commission","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765356680,"Brass Man","Neal Asher","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765356697,"The Third Lynx","Timothy Zahn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765356703,"Odd Girl Out","Timothy Zahn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765357199,"Radio Freefall","Matthew Jarpe","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765357243,"Mars Life","Ben Bova","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765357762,"Ill Wind","Kevin J. Anderson","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765357793,"The January Dancer","Michael Flynn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765357830,"Fleet of Worlds","Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765357854,"Jumper: Griffin's Story","Steven Gould","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765357946,"The Automatic Detective","A. Lee Martinez","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765358622,"Fools' Experiments","Edward M. Lerner","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765358837,"Prospero Lost","L. Jagi Lamplighter","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765359230,"Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America","Robert Charles Wilson","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765359650,"The Walls of the Universe","Paul Melko","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765360274,"Warriors 2","George R.R. Martin","Tor Fantasy","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765360700,"Small Miracles","Edward M. Lerner","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765361059,"A Grey Moon Over China","Thomas A. Day","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765361455,"All the Lives He Led","Frederik Pohl","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765361578,Neuropath,"R. Scott Bakker","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765361776,"Destroyer of Worlds","Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765361936,"The Domino Pattern","Timothy Zahn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765362582,Hellhole,"Brian Herbert","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765362797,"Ground Zero","F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765362827,"Up Jim River","Michael Flynn","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765362902,Haze,"L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765363107,"Deep As The Marrow","F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765363114,Implant,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765363589,"Able One","Ben Bova","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765363817,"Out of the Dark","David Weber","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765365675,"Empress of Eternity","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765367037,"Fuzzy Nation","John Scalzi","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765367112,"Ill Wind","Kevin J. Anderson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780765367457,"Count to a Trillion","John C. Wright","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780765367495,"The Hammer of Darkness","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812502121,"Prentice Alvin (Tales of Alvin Maker, Book 3)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Fantasy","BOX 08"
9780812502381,"The Peacekeepers","Ben Bova","Tor Books","BOX 01"
9780812502572,"Serpent's Silver (Kelvin)","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812502657,"Silent Thunder / Universe (Tor Double)","Dean Ing","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812503197,Cyberbooks,"Ben Bova","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812503487,"The Ecologic Secession","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 05"
9780812503982,Dorsai,"Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 19"
9780812504002,"Soldier, Ask Not","Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 19"
9780812504033,"The Spirit of Dorsai","Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812504040,"Lost Dorsai","Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Books","BOX 20"
9780812507164,Paradise,"Mike Resnick","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812507188,"Endangered Species","Gene Wolfe","Tor Books","BOX 21"
9780812508925,"China Mountain Zhang","Maureen F. McHugh","Tor Books","BOX 05"
9780812509045,Pallas,"L. Neil Smith","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812509250,"Xenocide (Ender, Book 3) (Ender Wiggins Saga (Paperback))","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812509472,"Young Bleys","Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Books","BOX 20"
9780812509939,Mirabile,"Janet Kagan","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812510010,N-Space,"Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 02"
9780812511062,"Destiny's Road","Larry Niven","Tor Books","BOX 18"
9780812511635,"Cold As Ice","Charles Sheffield","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780812513400,"The Voyage (Hammer Universe)","David Drake","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 18"
9780812514476,"Timediver's Dawn (Timegod)","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812515282,"A Fire Upon The Deep","Vernor Vinge","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812515992,Other,"Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 20"
9780812517040,"The Price of the Stars: Book One of Mageworlds (Mageworlds)","Debra Doyle","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 06"
9780812518054,"Lovelock (Mayflower Trilogy)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 01"
9780812519921,Godspeed,"Charles Sheffield","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 20"
9780812520002,"In Endless Twilight: The Forever Hero, Volume 3 (Forever Hero)","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812521306,"The Singularity Project","F. M. Busby","Tor Books","BOX 21"
9780812521689,Antagonist,"Gordon R. Dickson","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812522372,Jumper,"Steven Gould","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 18"
9780812523935,Glory,"Alfred Coppel","Tor Books","BOX 21"
9780812524369,"The Timegod (Timegod)","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812524826,Slant,"Greg Bear","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 19"
9780812530728,"Alien Plot","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812530988,"But What of Earth?","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 06"
9780812531053,"The E.S.P. Worm","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812531084,Pretender,"Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812531107,"Race Against Time","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812531251,"Dragon's Gold (Lost Years Of Merlin)","Piers Anthony","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812531527,"Gorgon Child","Steven Barnes","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812532159,Orion,"Ben Bova","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812532197,Prometheans,"Ben Bova","Tor Books","BOX 01"
9780812532364,"Voyagers III: Star Brothers (Voyagers)","Ben Bova","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812532531,"Ender's Game","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812532555,Songmaster,"Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812532593,"The Memory of Earth (Homecoming (Paperback))","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812532616,"The Call of Earth","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 21"
9780812532692,"Universe 13: Grassy Knoll",NULL,"Tor Books","BOX 21"
9780812532968,"Earthfall (The Homecoming/Card, Vol 4)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 05"
9780812533088,"The Shadow Dancers","Jack L. Chalker","Tor Books","BOX 06"
9780812533255,"The Rapture Effect","Jeffrey A. Carver","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812533453,"Mother of Storms","John Barnes","Tor Books","BOX 01"
9780812533576,Wyrms,"Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812533590,"Red Prophet: Volume II of the Tales of Alvin Maker (Alvin Maker)","Orson Scott Card","Tor Books","BOX 08"
9780812534757,"The Walkaway Clause","John Dalmas","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812535198,"The Other End of Time (Eschaton Sequence)","Frederik Pohl","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812535969,Counterprobe,"Carole Nelson Douglas","Tor Books","BOX 09"
9780812536140,"Cross The Stars (Hammer Universe)","David Drake","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812536164,Bridgehead,"David Drake","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780812536201,"Fortress (Tom Kelly)","David Drake","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 06"
9780812536225,"Forlorn Hope: Battle for Stalingra","David Drake","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812537956,"World Next Door","Brad Ferguson","Tor Books","BOX 07"
9780812538908,"Higher Education (Jupiter)","Charles Sheffield","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 07"
9780812538908,"Higher Education","Charles Sheffield","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812538915,"The Billion Dollar Boy","Charles Sheffield","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812538946,"The Parafaith War","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 02"
9780812539370,"The Callahan Chronicals","Spider Robinson","Tor Books","VA Den 01"
9780812539721,"One Step from Earth","Harry Harrison","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812540321,"The Skins of Dead Men","Dean Ing","Tor Books","BOX 18"
9780812541007,"Single Combat","Dean Ing","Tor Books","BOX 20"
9780812541021,"Wild Country","Dean Ing","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812541045,"The Big Lifters","Dean Ing","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812542998,"Rogue Star (Firestar)","Michael Flynn","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 18"
9780812543711,"Once There Was a Giant","Keith Laumer","Tor Books","BOX 01"
9780812543872,"The Breaking Earth","Keith Laumer","Tor Books","BOX 01"
9780812545586,Adiamante,"L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812545623,Nightflyers,"George R. R. Martin","Tor Books","BOX 05"
9780812545784,"Floater Factor","Melisa C. Michaels","Tor Books","BOX 03"
9780812545821,"The Ecolitan Operation (Ecolitan Matter)","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Books","BOX 05"
9780812545845,"The Ecologic Envoy","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Books","BOX 05"
9780812545999,Starfarers,"Poul Anderson","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812547924,"Being Alien","Rebecca Ore","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812547948,"Becoming Alien","Rebecca Ore","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812548075,"Blood Brothers","Steven Barnes","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 12"
9780812548419,"Flying To Pieces","Dean Ing","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812548945,"Phylum Monsters (Universe of Fashion)","Hayford Peirce","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812549577,"There Will Be War, #04: Day of the Tyrant","Jerry Pournelle (Creator)","Tor Books","BOX 18"
9780812549676,"After Armageddon (There Will Be War, Vol 9)","Jerry Pournelle (Creator)","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812549737,"Forsake the Sky","Tim Powers","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812550238,"Primary Inversion","Catherine Asaro","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812550351,"Callahan's Legacy","Spider Robinson","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 06"
9780812551020,"Catch The Lightning","Catherine Asaro","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 10"
9780812551075,"The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell","Harry Harrison","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812551105,"The Last Hawk","Catherine Asaro","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812551143,"Stalking The Unicorn","Mike Resnick","Tor Books","BOX 04"
9780812552287,"Telempath: Stories to Shred","Spider Robinson","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780812552317,"Melancholy Elephants","Spider Robinson","Tor Books","BOX 07"
9780812552379,"The Planet on the Table","Kim Stanley Robinson","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780812552393,"The Gold Coast","Kim Stanley Robinson","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780812552560,"Inner Eclipse","Paul Richard Russo","Tor Books","BOX 02"
9780812552621,"Bretta Martyn (Henry Martyn)","L. Neil Smith","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812553185,"The Berserker Throne (Berserker, Bk. 8)","Fred Saberhagen","Tor Books","BOX 18"
9780812554250,"The Crystal Empire","L. Neil Smith","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812555240,"A Quantum Murder (Mindstar)","Peter F. Hamilton","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 10"
9780812557015,"Ecce And Old Earth","Jack Vance","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812557138,"Phoenix in the Ashes","Joan D. Vinge","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812557855,"Voice of the Whirlwind","Walter Jon Williams","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812557985,"The Crown Jewels: Crown Jewels #1 (Crown Jewels)","Walter Jon Williams","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812558005,Firechild,"Jack Williamson","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812558135,"Free Live Free","Gene Wolfe","Tor Books","BOX 11"
9780812561661,Hosts,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812561845,"Falling Stars (Firestar Saga)","Michael Flynn","Tor Books","BOX 20"
9780812566543,"All the Rage","F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812566994,Conspiracies,"F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812570083,"Octagonal Raven","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 07"
9780812570601,"The Return","Buzz Aldrin","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812571080,Frameshift,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812571172,"The Ecolitan Enigma","L. E. Modesitt Jr.","Tor Books","BOX 19"
9780812575354,"The Stainless Steel Rat Joins The Circus","Harry Harrison","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812575910,Elixir,"Gary Braver","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812577662,"The Siege of Eternity (Eschaton)","Frederik Pohl","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 10"
9780812578546,Reflex,"Steven Gould","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812579567,Domain,"Steve Alten","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812579840,"The Golden Age","John C. Wright","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812580105,"Saturn's Race","Larry Niven","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812580341,Flashforward,"Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Books","BOX 18"
9780812580358,"Calculating God","Robert J. Sawyer","Tor Science Fiction","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812580365,"The Radiant Seas","Catherine Asaro","Tor Books","BOX 10"
9780812580372,"The Tomb","F. Paul Wilson","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 01"
9780812584189,Angelmass,"Timothy Zahn","Tor Books","VA Bookshelf 02"
9780812589733,"Bouncing Off the Moon (Starsiders Trilogy)","David Gerrold","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 20"
9780812590562,"Mindstar Rising (Mindstar Rising)","Peter F. Hamilton","Tor Science Fiction","BOX 12"
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