I Am Not A Robot! I Am A Hundred Free Fans!

As of the first photo below, we have reached 100! (This is counting people, not photos or lists, as a few folks sent multiples.)

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not a robot!

Kathy in Texas asks that the following be posted with her photo: 
"A sampling of Tor titles (with some St. Martin's Press mysteries thrown in for seasoning), assembled by unpacking a few random boxes.  In other words, this is what a search for Tor books in my collection yields when I'm not even really trying.  Those in favor of the status quo will attempt to disqualify part of this collection, saying that those old Poul Anderson, William Sanders, and Rebecca Ore books shouldn't count; that Tor hasn't published that stuff in decades.  To which I say: congratulations for recognizing a piece of the puzzle when it's handed to you.  Let's see if you can draw any conclusions."



Arlan from …  writes:  Upside down = distress signal.



Dave from Elk Grove, Illinois:

Davi M


Bojojoti from… (who is safe from Screaming Eels!):

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